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Even Harder !

Posted on February 26, 2015 at 3:25 PM

And I've always thought 'writing' stories/books was hard ! ! ! I'm finding out that was the EASY part - trying to keep up with all the other aspects of the 'sales game' is SOOOOO much harder.

Could be because I am not - repeat: NOT - the world's most organized, nor good at keeping 'on task', or even remembering to check on my check-list ! Sometimes the distractions are intense, sometimes it's just me - so until I really get the hang of all this 'social media' stuff (or hire a stern task-master) my posts & timeliness are likely to be somewhat erratic/sporadic, so please be patient with me.

Keep checking back, when you can, and I'll try, really try, to keep you posted, because I just 'know' that you'll all be holding your collective breaths, waiting for the next book to publish - right ?

Keep the reading light on . . .

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