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Off and Running (or maybe just "off")

Posted on February 20, 2015 at 6:00 PM

WOW ! ! ! This is SO new to me . . . and I'm not as confident as I should be - but here goes !

I finally found enough courage to 'go public' with my work (I've always kept it pretty private) and I've just been dumbfounded at the daily count of downloads. I would have been content to have seen maybe 20 or 30 or so . . . . . . but 99 - so far ? ! ? !

No way could that many downloads have been 'just family' so I know that someone out there must want to read "Me". This feeling is indescribable - and that is no exaggeration - had I actually believed such a result, I would have mustered the courage a long time ago !

To everyone who has downloaded a copy, or let me know they enjoyed reading my FIRST Pub -

Thank You ! ! ! :)

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